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“Better grades can be yours with…

Where There’s a Will There’s an A®

DVD seminars on how to get better grades in high school or college”

by Professor Claude Olney

     Thousands of my students have improved their grades, so can you!  The first person to take my seminar had to petition to get into college because of his low grades in high school.  After the seminar he went on to make the Dean’s List all four years and graduated with honors.  The next student, who had an ACT® score of 11 (a 21 was required for admission to his college), began his first year with nine A’s.  He also graduated after making the Dean’s List several times.”


                                   —Professor Claude Olney, J.D.

Photo of Professor Claude Olney

     Where There’s a Will There’s an A® is the original video seminar that teaches students how to excel in their studies in an easy-to-follow step-by-step program that features dozens of innovative and effective techniques they can start using right away.

     Professor Claude Olney is one of America’s leading educators.  He was honored as undergraduate professor of the year in the college of business at ASU and taught at the university level for twenty years.  More than one million copies of his seminars on how to get better grades have been sold on television.

     Each two-DVD set features Professor Claude Olney and comes with a seminar manual and a full 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  The seminars are available in two versions—for college students or for high school students.


This is the original million-selling series

featuring  Prof. Claude Olney


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